My name is r0m and you are now on main page of my digital portfolio on the web.

I am developing my skills in digial visual arts & design. Main directions of my work are
3D Computer Graphics, Photography & Pixelart.

Main type of my selfish ends activity is freelancing. I'm generating wide range of
3D content types in advisable time.

Main advantage of my skills is their complexity. I can implement compound projects
with design, animation, modeling, rendering without involvement off-site specialist.

I'm searching for experience in edge-of-technology projects like nextgen real-time game
engines, augmented reality, multi-projection etc.

Also, my creativity includes complicity in demoscene phenomena.
Generally it's participation in European demoparties at rendered graphics &
oldschool pixelart competitions.

Using left menu you can see some examles of my works in three different directions:
3D Computer Graphics, PixelArt & Photography.

You can get in touch with me using e-mail address:

Physically my place on the globe is Moscow city in Russian Federation.
With near location some questions can be discussed in off-line mode.